Bubble Wall

Bub­ble Wall

One of three Adobe Remix exe­cu­tions for the MAX Cre­ativ­ity Con­fer­ence 2017 in Las Vegas.

One method of com­bin­ing phys­i­cal effects with a spe­cific sign describes the con­struc­tion of a char­ac­ter in the over­all view, by means of the small­est units of a sub­stance or an effect. Based on these con­sid­er­a­tions resulted the Bub­ble Wall, with its organic and dynamic appear­ance in the inter­play of time, con­struc­tion and decon­struc­tion. The logo man­i­fests only for the brevity of a moment in its per­fect form, which slowly dis­solves and dis­ap­pears, just to sub­se­quently emerge once more.

The two meters high mono­lith is able to per­form in two dif­fer­ent modes; In auto­matic mode, a pre-pro­grammed sequence of spe­cial soap-mix­ture and air cre­ates the logo out of clear bub­bles. Oper­ated man­u­ally using dry ice, the logo can be pro­duced with high con­trast, white bub­bles.