Black Mirror

Black Mir­ror

One of three Adobe Remix exe­cu­tions for the Max Cre­ativ­ity Con­fer­ence 2017 in Las Vegas.

The Black Mir­ror uses the oppo­site method in com­par­i­son to the Bub­ble Wall: Instead of con­struct­ing the char­ac­ter, the Black Mir­ror deforms it and thus explores the visual lim­i­ta­tions of its read­abil­ity. In its qual­ity as a mod­u­lar sys­tem, the exhibit offers a merger of dif­fer­ent ana­logue effects and dig­i­tal ani­ma­tions which cre­ate new ele­ments of move­ment over and over again.

Look­ing at the basin at the bot­tom of the black mir­ror, the user is able to manip­u­late the con­tain­ing liq­uid by using four dif­fer­ent inter­ac­tions. Sound waves, oil drops, a flex­i­ble soap water mem­brane or sim­ple shak­ing are dis­tort­ing the logo ani­ma­tion on the inte­grated dis­play that gets reflected by the black liq­uid.